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The American Shooting center consists of fourteen 25-yard lanes. We are a public range with a family-friendly environment. For the safety and enjoyment of all shooters at ASC please take the time to read through some mandatory regulations below:

-There is a 3 people maximum per lane limit and there needs to be at least one experienced shooter per lane.

-All shooters need to have a valid, government issued form of ID.

-Rifles are allowed but no steel ammunition of any kind is permitted on the range, no exceptions! (Wolf brand or TulAmmo are some examples of steel cased or steel cored ammunition which will not be permitted - if it sticks to a magnet it cannot be used on the range)

-Shotguns are required to have shoulder stocks; no pistol grip-only shotguns.

-Any shooters who are under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, or have written NOTARIZED consent from a parent or legal guardian. Children are welcome on the range, however, appropriate age is to be determined by supervising adult.

-All firearms brought into our facility MUST be in a case. (on-duty law enforcement excepted

Current Lane Rates
All charges are per visit. (There is no time limit).

First shooter $15.00
Additional shooter, same lane $10.00
Law Enforcement $10.00
Active Duty Military $10.00
Range Member Free

Firearms Rental Requirements:

In order to rent one of our firearms, you must have at least one of the following...
Your own firearm with you.
B: Be accompanied by another person.
C: Be an annual member

Firearms Rental Rate
Per Gun, Two Guns Allowed Per Lane.

*Our range ammo must be used with our rentals

Ammunition Prices:

380ACP 50 rounds $18.00
9MM 50 rounds $18.00
38Spl 50 rounds $18.00
357Mag 50 rounds $20.00
40S&W 50 rounds $20.00
45ACP 50 rounds $22.00
44Mag 50 rounds $25.00

*Ammunition prices are for factory reloads used for range-use only.

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Our indoor shooting range is also available to rent for tournaments, leagues, and other competitions. Please contact for more info.

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